Specialized in Industrial and Civil Construction

Established in 1997,  EDIL.PRO. SRL is an industrial and civil construction company based in Brindisi (Italy) operating throughout the national territory. The company is the ideal partner for public and private companies looking for services carried out in a “workmanlike manner” by qualified, skilled personnel. In particular, the company is engaged in the construction of ports, shopping centres, hotels, car parks, public buildings, infrastructure and civil and industrial buildings, industrial maintenance, renovations, always ensuring the highest quality, speed and professionalism in every process.








20+ years of experience

Our Work

EDIL.PRO. SRL was founded in August 1997 in Brindisi, with the aim of becoming one of the best companies in the field of public and private procurement and construction, maintenance and renovation of industrial and civil works in general. The company boasts highly qualified technical staff that takes care of the organization and technical management, and skilled personnel with long experience in the construction industry.  The construction company is able to carry out work at active industrial sites, residential civil construction and hospital facilities. EDIL.PRO. SRL operates mainly in Puglia, but is able to work throughout Italy.

Our Certifications

EDIL.PRO. SRL operates in full compliance with the safety regulations that regulate the sector. The construction company has a management system for the quality of the company based on UNI EN ISO 9001:20015 and other relevant certifications. The certifications show the company’s commitment: meet the quality requirements during all the processes to continuously improve its services and meet the client’s requirements.

Edil. Pro. Customers

EDIL.PRO. SRL works for Private Italian and foreign clients and Public Administration, and pays constant attention to the relationship with Designers providing support and expertise to ensure the overall quality of the project.

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